10 iPad Apps You Should Buy Right Now


So, you got your shiny new iPad on Saturday and you’ve done all the basic stuff on it: web browsing, email, video. But now that the awesomeness of that has worn off, it’s time to get some new apps. Here are the ones you should buy first.


Imagine holding the entire Netflix instant watch database in your hands. This is it. The app is free, but you’ll need a Netflix subscription if you don’t already have one.


IMDb is an iPad-friendly version of the Internet Movie Database. So, while you’re watching movies with Netflix, you can settle arguments about them with this. Free.

ABC Player

A perfectly optimized version of ABC’s website, so you can watch the iPad on Modern Family with an actual iPad. (Ironically, ABC currently has a Flash banner on its website advertising this app.)


The popular browser-based content discovery extension has its first foray into the mobile app market. Free.


Because every device needs an RSS reader. This one is a port of the popular Mac RSS reader of the same name. Syncs across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad via Google Reader. $9.99.


Much like the desktop version, with its multi-column interface. Supports as many accounts as you want, has geo-location and a dedicated map interface built-in, and it syncs between the iPhone and desktop clients. Free.


The interface is a clean, magazine-like representation of NPR‘s content, and unlike other news apps that are charging ridiculous monthly subscription fees (ahem, Wall Street Journal), it’s free. You can also listen to audio while you’re reading.


The classic board game is even more fun on a bigger screen. And, if you’ve got a spare iPhone or iPod touch, you can use them as trays for your letters with the free Scrabble Tile Rack app. Seriously. $9.99.

Plants V. Zombies HD

One of the most popular tower-defense games on the iPhone, optimized for the iPad, though it’s not really HD. $9.99.

Civilization Revolution

Adapted from the iPhone app and optimized for the iPad. If you’re familiar with Sid Meier’s Civilization series, or just like conquering stuff, then this app should be a revelation of how a touchscreen can bring old gaming mechanisms to life. $12.99.

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