Video: Launch Day iPad Purchase


The line here in Southlake, TX was pretty pathetic, which was just fine by me. Once I was through the doors I tried out an iPad for few seconds and then was quickly moved on to the purchasing process. Here’s a video of the experience.


Hagen Kaye

funny, I was in Brandon Florida. Arrived at 11:30, no line up. Gave them my last name at the ‘reserved line up’ which there was no line and when straight to the purchase process.

I think my video would have been 30 seconds shorter than yours :D

Thom Bellion

Hey Mike, I love how we’re in the first minute of the video…I will say that the Reserved line which Chris Ryan was in was short, but the Walk-In line was wrapped around the building – easily 100+ considering it was still around the corner when I left at 9:30. Got home and my Dad tried it for 5 minutes; back to the Apple store…no line but packed to the gills. Saw a guy buy 10 for his company. I was equally as impressed by the potential as that guy was…


I arrived at the Penn Square Apple Store in Oklahoma City at 9:30 to pick up my reserved iPad and there were probably 100+ people in line, about evenly distributed between the “reserved” and “walk-in” lines. It only took about 20 minutes to get to the point I and my buddy were escorted into the store. I perused the cases and got the Apple model. My friend decided to buy one, but they told him he would have to go stand in the walk-in line, so we got a Starbucks and waited for the line to go down a little. We came back in 20 minutes and after another 20 minutes he was buying his new iPad. He evidently got the last 16 gig model and they were running low on the 32 gig models, so after all this I assume the response was very good at this location.


One thing I always enjoy seeing. Anyone that picks up an iPad automatically knows how to use it, sight unseen. I wonder how well that will work out for those who buy the HP Slate. “Hey, how do you turn on this HP Slate?”

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