Quick Tip: How to Get an iPad Today Without the Lines

While people wait in long lines today to get their iPad, the hidden story of the day are the “other” places to buy iPads. Everyone knows Apple Stores, as well as some Best Buy locations, are selling the iPad. However, there are also “select” Apple Authorized Resellers who also are getting the iPad today.

To my pleasant surprise this morning, I waited outside my local Apple Specialist location, and guess what? No line. I was in utter shock. I also spoke with a few of the college bookstores that sell Apple (s aapl) products and they too told me they’ll have the iPad today, and probably will have little or no lines in front of their stores. Not every Apple Specialist or college bookstore will get the iPad, so before you drive 50 miles, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a call.

Don’t get me wrong, waiting in line is a “magical” and a “revolutionary” experience. Chilling with the other early adopters (it’s 41 degrees here in Kansas this morning), is fun. However, if you really want an iPad today, don’t forget the select locations I wrote about last month. You might actually go home with an iPad today, and possibly without a long wait.

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