Not in Line or Waiting on UPS for Your iPad? I Feel Your Pain


Despite being an Apple fanatic, I’m not waiting in line to buy an iPad this morning, nor am I anxiously awaiting my friendly, brown-attired delivery specialist to arrive with one today. Don’t get me wrong: I am anxiously awaiting my iPad, but I won’t see it for a few weeks, as I ordered a 3G model the day orders were first accepted on Apple’s web store. It’s a bit nerve-racking for someone like me to miss out on today’s excitement, so I’m following things here at TheAppleBlog and around the web.

I did wake up to a few iPad-related emails this morning, however. First up was notice from Apple that “iPad is Here.” The message was sent to the same email associated with the Apple ID I used to place the order. It would be nice if Apple sent people like me a slightly different message, like “Thanks for ordering your iPad. It hits the stores today, so when your friends and family go ga-ga over it, you know where to send them.”

The other two emails I received were shipping notices. Now, I have to say when I opened the Gmail conversation, I was a bit excited. The subject line of the email is simply “Apple Store Shipment Notification Order Number #####” with my iPad order number. It turns out that the first shipment is my keyboard dock, which was still a bit surprising as there were rumors that it was delayed well beyond the iPad’s launch on April 3. When tracking the shipment, only billing information has been submitted to UPS, and there isn’t any actual shipment tracking information yet, so maybe there is some truth to those rumors after all.

My second shipment email notification contains my case and VGA connector. This shipment is actually scheduled to arrive on Monday or Tuesday, and based on the departure scan from Nashville, which is just three hours away, I expect to see it on Monday. Still, that will only whet my appetite, and part of me wishes I’d ordered an iPad without 3G so I could revel in today’s feast of instant gratification. (Patience, grasshopper.)

My day will probably be something like this: Breakfast with my family. Check iPad coverage at TheAppleBlog. Drive to the nursery and check iPad coverage on my iPhone. Come home, spread some mulch, then take a much deserved break and check iPad coverage. Work in the yard some more, shower, then check iPad coverage. Watch the final four tonight, checking iPad coverage at halftime and between games. You get the idea. No, I won’t be getting my iPad today, but I will be getting my iPad fix.

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After deliberating for so long about which one to get, I finally decided on the 32gb wifi version. Then I debated about where to get one, and that led to my decision to try calling the local Best Buy to see it would be lucky enough to get one, soon. I truly expected to be told that they were sold out, but they simply referred me to another branch. This happened twice before I hit pay dirt! They could not hold one for me until I got there, but I could purchase it over the phone and pick it up. Darn thing kept me up all night! By the way, I am not going to use 3G as long as I would have to use AT&T (suck-ular), so I will wait to ipad to go 4g… Which would make more sense to me.

Scott Aparo

Hello fellow brothers in torment,
I thought was alone! I too am recieving my case and keyboard dock on tuesday. With my 64gb 3g ipad arriving on april 24th. So fear not It’s only 21 more days to go and then we too can rejoice in the ipad madness but unrestricted as we are 3g and not wifi only.

adam jackson

I ordered the 3G model. Wish I could just turn off all of these iPad posts! It’s killing me!


I’m in the same situation. Waiting for 3G but getting case and VGA adapter Tuesday. It’s painful for an avowed early adopter.


It’s true i work for ups…we just loaded all Ipads today. They will be late but they will get there :)

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