Will You be Waiting in Line for an iPad?


With the release of Apple’s iPad now less than 24 hours away, your only chance of getting one is to wait in line at your local Apple Store.

So, do you plan on waiting in line in hopes of snagging one of the few your Apple Store may have on hand? When do plan on starting your wait? What will you be doing to pass the time?

Let us know your game plan in the comments!

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Come on Bob, we all know you have a mac book pro and an ipod, don’t you?


I too would love to climb a mountain and feel a breeze on my face, but I’m handicapped.


How sad.

Yesterday I climbed a mountain and felt a breeze on my face.


I certainly will.. But since I live in France I’ll have to wait until the end of the monthe = big dissapointment. I believe we’ll have them more expensive as well, Apple doesn’t follow “real” exchange rates. TROY : Upload your videos of people’s faces when they wait ! Let me know


Waiting in line? Really? If there’s no other option, maybe. This time, we were all able to have it shipped to us the same day of it’s release. Unless you’re dumping your already-ordered version for a different storage size, you should be at home, waiting for your delivery. Unless, of course, you LIKE lines, in which case getting an iPad, then going to Disneyland would be your type of day.


30 seconds after they went on sale on the Apple website I ordered a 64GB WiFi one. Now it’s up to famously unreliable UPS to deliver.
I received an email this morning from Apple, stating that the Apple iPad Dock will be delivered on April 12, by FedEx.
The closest store to me is the San Francisco flagship store, and there’s no way that I’m going to go near it this weekend.


I purchased online, I will be waiting at the end of the driveway! Already “out for delivery!”


Ordered a 16GB (and reserved one just in case) but have decided on the 64GB, so I will be headed to the mall before the sun comes up in the morning to get my shiny new iPad.


I won’t be in line. I have a pre-order but not enough money to get one. :( Tomorrow will be a sad day.


I will be shooting video of anyone in line for the local news. I hope someone will open their new iPad for my camera. I will see why people wait in line and get their reaction to their new iPad.


Preordered 2 3G versions. No lines but yes waiting, will make the arrival even sweeter!

adam jackson

Wow. I love the new layout of the site! Nice.

I’ve waited in line for Mac OS 10.1-10.6, all three iPhones and even a few random things.

I’m not waiting this time. I just pre-ordered mine and it’ll be at my doorstep.

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