Unboxed: The iPad


In a matter of hours, Apple will officially launch the iPad across the Apple stores in the country. Folks who have pre-ordered the devices will be patiently waiting for their UPS person.

I received a review unit from Apple a couple of hours ago. I have not had a chance to really play around with it, but here are some photos of the device, the special iPad keyboard and few other accessories. I will be posting my review in a few days, including my top app picks. I hope you enjoy this simple slideshow we created for your visual pleasure.

See you all tomorrow at the Downtown San Francisco Apple store!

Photos are by Chris Albrecht.


Mae Buzen

Wooo! Nice unboxing vid. I wish I recorded mine. If I did I would also show you the first puzzle game I downloaded. Nope! Not Tetris or Bejeweled – it’s StarFaces – certainly one of the best iPad app. This is my new favorite ipad puzzle game.


Hi Om,

Just wanted to drop a line that you are one of the internet famouses in this vid:

Hope you’re digging your iPad as much as the rest of us,


Om, Hope you like it ( we know you have been waiting for a couple of months). I could have got one if not for the lack of Flash. But I have to say kudos to apple, they truly innovated the processor to get more out of the battery. The iPad’s unique selling factor is battery life. Enjoy the shiny thing. We be waiting for your review.


Wow… it looks great! Can’t wait for it to be released here in South Africa (although, given the Apple support here, that could take some time…)

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