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Twas the Night Before iPad

‘Twas the night before iPad, and all through the land.

Not a person was stirring, they were resting their hand.

All of the fanboys, were snug in their beds.

While visions of touching, swiping and dragging,

Did dance in their heads.

The App Store was open, to the sound of ka-ching.

Apps flew off the shelves, for the iPads not yet there.

On UPS and FedEx, to the good boys and girls.

Waiting madly for the magic, worth more than rare pearls.

A new day was dawning, for fan and foe alike,

In that little white box, was more fun than a bike.

20 Responses to “Twas the Night Before iPad”

  1. James, I think you are one funny guy. However, in order to get the sarcasm in your observations is lost on the rabble. I guess the ‘Humor’ tag is not enough of a clue?

    I on the other hand always enjoy the tongue in cheek. Keep up the good work :)

  2. netwiz

    Congratz on your iPad purchases… I’ve been passing the time playing mmos on my laptop, because I’m so depressed that I didn’t go out and buy one. I just cant bear to read the tech blogs talking about the iPad, but I have just gotten over it. maybe I’ll get the HP Slate or the Notion Ink Adam.

    Are you both gonna do separate reviews, or are you gonna do some sort of tag team thing?

  3. Kevin

    Amen! What this country needs now is more mutual respect for others’ opinions. I am not an Apple fan but that is fine. If it floats your boat and makes you happy buy the IPAD and enjoy it. The only problem with technology today is that there are so many good choices and few dollars to spend it on. But the exciting thing is that tech is improving every year. Happy Easter!

  4. George

    You all need to get a life and deal with something more important or is this how shills for Apple act? You also need to shed your Apple fan boy status. Its depressing to see grown men fawning over a piece of overpriced electronics. Try acting your ages. I wonder how your parents would really feel knowing your true condescending attitudes regarding their technology status, when you show them the Godly iPad on Easter. Gee, must be really fun for techies like you!

    • George, if device isn’t for you, that’s fine. I respect your decision on how to spend your money and what to use for a mobile device. After all, only you can decide what tool works best for you

      By the same token, I expect the same respect in return. Using the right tool — and spending personal funds for it — doesn’t make anyone a fan boy or shill, by definition. It makes them a smart consumer.

      • thenikjones

        Kevin, I have no intention to buy an iPad due to certain non-negotiables [hopefully generation 2 or 3 will address them] but love reading what you, James and other are writing about it because:

        I am interested in all PDA-type gadgets
        where Apple goes, others will follow
        when/if I buy one, I want to know as much about it as possible beforehand

        So please – be as much of a “fan boy” as possible! As someone who has listened to all 202 episodes of your MOTR podcast, I know you & James aren’t shills and feel sorry that visitors to this site feel the need to keep levelling that charge.

    • I don’t think anyone here is a Apple fanboy. It is a new device that will work for my job, can also be used for entertainment and many other uses and portable. If you feel that this is not right for you then you can just skip this blog…

    • Jack wilson

      I’m sorry. In an ideal world we could be role models for you. But the sad truth is the money Apple pays us is too good to refuse.


  5. So far liking the iPad. Keyboard is ok, maybe need to get use to it. James and Kevin how you coming along? I got the 32GB and the 16GB for my wife.

    • Mine arrived fairly late, so I’m still in the initial “kick the tires” phase. So far, I don’t want to put it down. The experience is immersive, regardless of the app. I also got a 32GB unit and my wife has a 16GB model.

      Folks that point out what the iPad can’t do are likely correct. But what it can do it does very well, making it a fun experience. If you need multitasking or PC apps, then stick with that. But for bite sized chunks of web or software, this is very impressive.

      I find the device a bit difficult to hold for long periods of time though. I bought a dock for keyboard use, but it’s not here yet. Holding a Kindle is easier, but the Kindle app has already won me over.

      I just keep downloading app after app – the free ones, mind you. Netflix is already a killer app for me as I have the monthly subscription to stream content to my Xbox 360. More to follow, of course.

      • Yes I agree. I also just been installing apps; free also and this thing is just “Magic”. Netflix was my first app to install on the iPad and runs excellent on the iPad. This thing is going to change mobile devices. I set my Gmail to sync, contacts, email, calendar, etc… on the iPad which syncs over with my BlackBerry Storm 2. My local Apple store had all the accessories for the iPad. I picked up the iPad dock, the Apple case ( 2 of them one for my wife and the other for me) I don’t know if I will keep that one. I also got a leather case for it made by incase which is really nice. It’s paddy and makes it look like a portfolio. The games look amazing on this thing by the way. :) now back to my iPad, I am having iPad withdrawls. LOL

  6. Parker Selfridge

    I love this iPad :-)

    It is much faster than i expected, scary fast.

    Email and Web Browsing are better than on my laptop. Gaming is just awesome.

    I do wish it had a built-in camera but other than that it is a winner. Sophisticated and creative users will absolutely love this device. WinMo and PC types will prolly be disappointed by the lack of stylus or mouse.

    I suspect Apple will carve out a nice niche computing market for this wonderful device and also spur a lot of copycat wannabees (be prepared for a parade of traditional PC makers to try to make inroads in this space with similar tablets but lacking the superior Apple UI and App Store…to them i just say “Good Luck Followers”)

    The attention to detail in this device just shows me the wide gap between Apple and the lower tier PC clone makers. This gap appears to be widening as none of them have anything close that is for sale today. Hopefully in a few months or years the copycats can create something to match the iPad because I am all for competition but I won’t be holding my breath and waiting.

    With low expectations going in (mainly from all the lame critics on the internet) I was stunned at just how good this pad really is. I would invite everyone to drop by their local Apple Store or Best Buy and give it a try you won’t be disappointed. Cheers.

  7. cranky geek

    THE Store is about to open. wooohooo.

    A paradigm shift in computing is afoot (err make that afinger).

    The dawn of Touch Computing is upon us. As I take possession of my iPads beware that Microsoft is now scrambling to release a fully touch-enabled Office Suite. This my friend is a sure sign of acceptance of this new form of computing brought to us by Apple. You can’t touch this !

    Famous words overheard after a man experiences the iPad hands-on for the first time:


    That quote says it all

  8. Diesel

    I think it’s hilarious. Luscious, why don’t you go join the other trolls on engadget and gizmodo? This site caters to mobility and tablets. The iPad is big news and JKs sense of humor is great.

    • I wouldn’t call myself a troll, and certainly not a fanboy, but you cannot argue that the amount of iPad coverage on the site is getting excessive. Regardless, I have followed the site for years and will continue to do so because I respect James and his work, and I know he will respect others’ opinion.

  9. James, get over it! I come to your site for unbiased, critical information, but all I see here today from you is iPad this, iPad that. No offense, but you’re beginning to look like a puppet for Steve Jobs. There are other gadgets out there, and much more for a guy like you to write about.

    Please don’t turn this site into an Apple marketing engine. I can understand Joe Consumer falling for the brainwashing hype, but an experienced enthusiast like you should know better than get so distracted and drag your readers along.

    Seriously, unless you change your name to James Ipad, I’d like to see some alternative focus. I know you are excited about the device, but you are in excess.

    Now have a great weekend! :)