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In the five years I’ve been blogging, never has my Inbox overflowed more than the past 24 hours. Everyone and their brother wants to share news of their hot new application for Apple’s iPad, which arrives tomorrow. Here’s the thing — we get it, folks. There are already a few thousand iPad apps in the iTunes App Store. And they’re all better than iPhone counterparts thanks to the larger display and new user interface controls. Heck, some folks have already spent nearly $100 on iPad apps — and they don’t even have the iPad yet. (Yes, Leo Laporte, I’m looking at you!)

Far be it from me to not share in all this joy with our readers. You too should feel the experience and engage in the iPad software rush. To that end, here’s an iPad App Press Release Generator for you to play with while you wait for “the precious” to arrive tomorrow. Just insert your own words based on the type I’ve provided in brackets. Have it at and feel free to share your own personalized iPad press release in the comments while I go do some software shopping.

First, jot down a list of words that fit these categories — and no peeking below the list or you’ll spoil the fun:

  • [proper name, not necessarily yours –really!]
  • [Company name]
  • [adjective]
  • [noun]
  • [color]
  • [day of the week]
  • [place]
  • [professional sport]
  • [your favorite food]
  • [place you hate to go]
  • [relative]
  • [old computer brand from 1980’s]
  • [animal]
  • [foreign country]
  • [verb]
  • [public place]
  • [different company name]
  • [number greater than one]
  • [social network]
  • [adjective]
  • [body part — keep it clean!]
  • [random dollar amount ending in .99]
  • [number]
  • [noisy or smelly action]
  • [favorite cartoon character]
  • [phone model from the 1990’s]
  • [adjective]
  • [verb]

Now simply insert your word choices into the magical and revolutionary iPad App Press Release Generator!


Dear [proper name, not necessarily yours –really!],

[Company name] is proud to announce that our application “[adjective] [noun]” is fully optimized for the Apple iPad, comes in [color] and will appear in the App Store on [day of the week]. Improved over it’s iPhone counterpart, this new app isn’t just for use at [place], but can work in [professional sport] venues too. Seriously, it’s better than [your favorite food] or hanging at [place you hate to go] with your [relative]!

Unique to the iPad version is a special API for remote use with a [old computer brand from 1980’s] — this app can actually make the remote device behave like a hungry [animal]. We’ve even included a native interface for talking to people in [foreign country] so you can virtually [verb] with people there — right from your iPad! This new app will open up your kids to all the wonders of a [public place].

But the best new feature is one that not even [different company name] can offer: with [number greater than one] taps, the software will actually tell your favorite [social network] friends how [adjective] you are about your iPad — in real-time!
Your reader’s [body part — keep it clean!] will tingle upon news of this app, priced at [random dollar amount ending in .99] and there’s even an exciting [number]-day free trial, after which time, the iPad will [noisy or smelly action] for a full hour.

If you’d like to speak to our CEO, Mr. [favorite cartoon character] would love to chat with you on his [phone model from 1990’s]. I’d be [adjective] to put you in touch with him directly, so just [verb] the word!

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