Facebook Acquires Photo Site Divvyshot

Facebook has acquired the group photo-sharing startup Divvyshot, a three-person team that will shut down its product and work on Facebook Photos as engineers. Divvyshot was an appealingly designed product that only launched to the public in February after participating last year in the Y Combinator program.

According to a landing post on Divvyshot,

Divvyshot will begin winding down operations as of today. Existing users can continue to use Divvyshot; however no new accounts will be issued and our iPhone application will no longer be available for download. We’ve always given users access to their original-resolution photos and we hope that this feature will make the transition off Divvyshot easier.”

Photo via Divvyshot blog

Facebook is the world’s largest photo-sharing site with more than 2.5 billion photos uploaded per month. It doesn’t have much in the way of features but just storing and serving photos is a major feat. Earlier this month the company bumped up photo sizes by 20 percent, but personally I’d love to see a better premium photo archive solution, even for a price.

By contrast, Divvyshot had low hundreds of thousands of photos, but it had a nice drag-and-drop interface and brought together repositories of images taken by different people at group events. That’s a great function and one that few photo sites offer today.

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