WSJ Puts High Price On iPad App Subs

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The app announcements have been rolling out all morning in anticipation of tomorrow’s iPad release. Among the initial iPad apps now in Apple’s online store is the WSJ’s app, which is free to download, but costs users for $3.99 per week for access — compared to the $2.69 a week charge for online and print subs. While that iPad app charge could be off-putting to some consumers, the Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) paper’s current subscribers can get access for “a limited time.” The WSJ isn’t just relying on paid content to support the effort. The paper’s iPad app launch also comes with a wide range of advertisers, including Buick, Capital One, Coca-Cola, iShares, FedEx and Oracle. Whether the app price will hold — a WSJ rep tells us that the app will cost “$17.29 plus tax if/where applicable” per month — is something that will likely be determined quickly.

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Yamgo TV

This is a growing trend, I’m not sure the premium price is warranted for iPads apps vs online price.

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