Spansion's Green Flash Memory Tech "Nearly Dead": Report


Virident, a green data center startup that launched in 2008 with a box that could cut down on server power consumption by up to 80 percent, has stopped using Spansion’s green Flash memory technology, dubbed EcoRAM, according to EETimes. An executive from Virident confirmed to the publication that it was no longer using the Spansion technology, but said it was still exploring solid-state drives as a solution for its boxes. Is this a blow to the EcoRAM technology or is it a message that the data center world isn’t ready for solid-state memory to provide DRAM in servers?

In 2008, I covered Spansion’s technology, which aimed to replace Flash memory in the data center and saved power by not refreshing as often. At the time it was a huge opportunity for Spansion, as power consumption was beginning to gain attention as a key constraint in data centers. Power is still constraining what companies can do inside their data centers, but they’re also turning toward solutions such as containers, cloud computing and other options in order to avoid building entirely new data centers. Some are envisioning greener data centers rather than focusing on greener gear.

For those interested in new energy-saving data center gear, it will be among the topics we’ll explore at out upcoming Green:Net conference on April 29. Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait and see if EcoRAM has a future once Spansion emerges from bankruptcy this year.

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