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UPDATED: Tegra2 Problems Delaying Other Tablets?

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Updated: Are you looking for a tablet that doesn’t have a fruit logo on it? Chances are such a device is likely to run on the Nvidia (s nvda) Tegra2 platform, which dazzled in it’s Consumer Electronics Show debut. I was in attendance for the Tegra2 introduction and I walked away impressed. And later, we got hands-on video time with some Tegra2 powered prototypes like the incredible Adam Notion Ink. Many of those preliminary devices were expected by mid-year — over 50 designs were touted in January — but today brings troublesome news on that timeline. Sources tell SlashGear that the Tegra2 has “some serious issues” that will push products well into the third quarter of 2010.

We have a request in to the folks at Nvidia for conformation or comment and will update upon reply. If true, the timing couldn’t be worse for Nvidia’s hardware partners. Apple (s aapl) is set to re-define the consumer slate market with the availability of its iPad in just two days. The first reviews are in and it sure doesn’t sound like the iPad will flop the way some would think. So that puts other tablets potentially behind the eight-ball already.

Those not interested in the iPad are pining for the Notion Ink, ICD Vega, and others that all run on the Tegra2 processor. While Nvidia doesn’t control the timeline of its hardware partners directly, it does so indirectly — if the chip isn’t ready for optimal experience in a device, a hardware maker is likely going to delay their product.

Perhaps the biggest “at risk” product is one that hasn’t officially been announced or detailed yet — last year, I heard from Nvidia that Google (s goog) was working on Chrome OS devices powered by the new Tegra chip. Chrome OS products that have no true delivery date can’t technically be delayed, but this development might not bode well. It even makes me wonder: if true, will some opt not to wait and go the iPad route instead?

Update: I’ve just heard back from an Nvidia spokesperson and was told that the rumors are not true. Everything is on track for Tegra2.

2 Responses to “UPDATED: Tegra2 Problems Delaying Other Tablets?”

  1. netbook fan

    What’s the latest on the HP Slate? That one was running Windows 7 and Flash at CES. Very interesting for folks thinking about a “pad”….

  2. Virtuous

    Time will tell if Nvidia is telling the truth. Apple could get a considerable head start if Tegra 2 devices don’t ship until almost the end of the 3rd quarter. The company really behind the 8-ball is Intel. The A4 inside the iPad is an ARM processor just like the Tegra 2. The HP Slate is supposed to run on an Itel Atom, but most slates won’t contain Intel processors.