Everyone Must Innovate — That Means You, Too, Carrier Networks


Never a day goes by where we don’t hear yet another story about the meteoric rise and consumption of information and content technologies. It appears we have an insatiable appetite for online video, VoIP, and other bandwidth-demanding content applications and services.

While we’re all amazed by the creativity and innovation from these application and content providers (ACPs), we rarely if ever hear how carrier networks are doing the same. It’s critical that network operators start thinking of new innovative ways to improve.

Linear improvement won’t be good enough. Application and consumer demands are going to catch up to the networks much faster than they realize. Carriers must innovate for hockey stick-like growth.

Alcatel-Lucent is already working on many different areas that increase efficiency and bandwidth, and create new revenue opportunities for carrier networks. Here’s just a sampling of some of those innovative ideas:

The Converged Backbone Transformation solution: An integrated approach to IP and optical transport for the network core. It provides closer coordination and visibility for all data layers, allowing improved management of traffic at the lowest possible layer. This new approach improves the economics and efficiency of transport and delivery of IP-based services.

New value-added managed services for the end user: A controlled secure application enablement environment that works across multiple carriers. A walled garden for applications may insulate carriers from competition, but it also insulates them from opportunities. With access to all application opportunities they’ll have access to even more revenue generating opportunities.

To learn more, read “The New Economics of Telecom Networks” (PDF) and “Next-Generation Managed Services: The Key to Business Transformation.”

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