Apple Lists iPad-Compatible Video Sites

So Ryan Lawler plum wore himself out this morning by discussing what video sites, including NBC, ABC and Netflix, may not be iPad (s APPL) compatible when the device hits stores this Saturday. Which leaves me to come tell you that Apple has now posted their own guide to iPad-ready web destinations.

Presented under the context of highlighting the iPad’s use of Safari as its primary browser, the list ranges from CNN to Virgin American to Major League Baseball to — the key issue being each site’s HTML5 video compatibility. Not all videos are promised to be viewable though: Vimeo’s player “displays most videos on iPad” (emphasis mine). Meanwhile, only “recently published video” on will be compatible.

On this same page, Apple is encouraging sites to submit for inclusion on the list (though no telling right now where that list will be made public). An accompanying link details how to make your site compatible, which includes tips on how to simulate iPad HTTP requests on your desktop, modifying your CSS code, and preparing for a touch screen interface.

What sites do you think would be essential to the iPad experience? What’s on your wish list that hasn’t been announced? Tell us in the comments!

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