Disney Aims Premium iPhone Apps At Kids, Sports Fans


In addition to the ABC (NYSE: DIS) Player hitting the iPad App Store, its parent Disney has a number of special items for the iPad’s release on Saturday. Aimed at affluent, first-adopters with kids, Disney Publishing Worldwide has built two original Toy Story read-along apps for the iPad. These iPad “books” come with video from the related feature films, as well as karaoke and voice-record tools, original games, and — welcome to the future — an interactive coloring “book” that lets kids finger-paint with up to 10 fingers on the screen. There is a free Toy Story app as well as separate Toy Story 2 app for $8.99 and comes. The paid app comes with a one-month free subscription to disneydigitalbooks.com too, as the company hopes that it can extend interest beyond the device. Disney will rolls out more free and paid iPad apps later this spring.

In addition to the apps, Disney Online has also built a custom iPad version of its flagship website, which focuses on exclusive video content. iPad videos featured at launch include new scenes from Disney classics like The Sorcerer

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