YouTube Rolls Out Major Redesign Across Its Site

Updated: YouTube (s GOOG) just informed its partners via email that it’s going to roll out a complete redesign of its video pages later today, making some of the changes that the site has been experimenting with in recent months available to everyone. YouTube is calling this “one of the biggest redesigns in YouTube history,” and the company is scheduled to officially announce the changes later today.

The email sent to publishing partners highlights some of the changes, including a new “see more videos” area on top of the video currently playing, making it possible to load a horizontal grid of all the videos uploaded by the user in question. YouTube is utilizing Ajax for this feature, meaning that the user won’t have to reload the page to browse through additional videos while the current one is still playing.

The redesign will also put more emphasis on channel subscriptions and branding. YouTube has recently been experimenting with a number of other features as well, including auto-play functionality, a new playlist interface and an optimized queue, all of which could significantly increase the video traffic and completion rate for the site as users move from manually exploring videos to a more queue- and playlist-based experience.

It’s unclear, however, which of these features will actually make it into the redesign. We’ve reached out to YouTube for comment, but haven’t heard back. We’ll provide an update once YouTube has officially announced the changes. Update: A YouTube spokesperson declined to comment on this story and instead referred us to the official announcement scheduled for 11 a.m. Update: YouTube has now officially announced the redesign, which is scheduled to go live tonight. Check out More Details About YouTube’s Relaunch for a more complete list of changes coming to YouTube’s video pages.

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