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Rumor Has It: iPad to Launch Worldwide On April 24

iPadDespite Apple’s (s aapl) iPad being just a few short days away from release here in the U.S., the Cupertino-based company has not yet specified a definitive date for the tablet’s international launch. However, according to recent whispers from Apple store employees a date may now be in sight.

When Apple announced the launch date for its new device earlier this month, it only imparted solid details (on both price and dates) for the U.S., providing only a vague ‘late April’ time schedule for the rest of the world. But if Apple store workers from Canada are to be believe,d the iPad could see its international debut on April 24.

According to iPad in Canada, Canadian Apple staff have been informed that April 24 and 25 are “blackout periods.” Apparently these “blackout periods” are an interval of time, typically over a day or two, specified by Apple that employees can not book off. The source claims that these required working periods are rarely called upon and signify that something big is going down.

The speculated date makes sense, as not only does the 24th and 25th fall over a weekend, similar to this weekends launch, it also lines up with Apple’s earlier hints of a late release date in April. Of course it is worth noting that the original report references Canadian Apple Store sources only and does not divulge any further details on international dates. But it would seem highly unlikely of Apple to play around with too many dates.

Finally, iPad in Canada went on to theorize as to when the iPad would be available for pre-order. It is hoping that the international launch will play out in a similar fashion to the U.S., with a pre-order campaign kicking off three weeks before the availability date. If its guess is correct, Apple could be revealing all in the coming days, with international pre-orders possibly opening as soon as this Friday.

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7 Responses to “Rumor Has It: iPad to Launch Worldwide On April 24”

  1. Florian (UK)

    I went into the Apple Store here in Scotland today and asked a member of staff about this release date. He informed me, with a large grin and in a very friendly manner, that although he was not permitted to disclose the date at this time, he can guarantee that the 24th is definitely not the correct date for the iPad release. He then, however, went on to say that the 24th is remarkably close to the actual release date. The iPad will definitely be released in the UK before the end of the month and if Apple store staff have been told not take Saturday the 24th off work it only makes sense to say that this must at least be the first WEEKEND following the iPads release. Therefore, I figure it will probably be released the Thursday or Friday prior (the 22/23rd).

  2. Oh, I hope so…. I have just had an iPad App accepted by Apple, and being in the UK I don’t have access to an iPad! Can’t wait to try out the iPad for myself, and to run my own App on the hardware for which it was designed.

  3. ahh!!!!!! idont care. i just hope they will also release new products along with the ipad. perhaps, macbook pro with i3, i5, &i7. it all works out, 13″ 15″ + 17″ (hehe) i dont know whats taking them so long! maybe summer?