iPad — the Agony of the Wait Video


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Thousands of you will no doubt agree with me that this last week of waiting for the magic of the iPad (s aapl) is a horribly show time. It can be frustrating but we must remember that it won’t be long now. I shot this video to commiserate with those dealing with this unbearable waiting for the iPad to appear. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek video.



A whole new level of agony just arrived: iCab is available for the iPad!!! $1.99 in the app store, get it before they realize it’s a web browser and take it back out! :-)


No JOOJOO or HP Slate in sight, I can understand the excitement of new toy, but I also remember the disappointment with the limitations oh the Iphone, hard to get excited with a larger Iphone, No Camera, no Voice calls, GPS only on High end unit, have to sell up to get features I would want. Wake me when its over


I don’t know anyone who is interested in the IPAD. Who needs a large Iphone thats not even a phone lol.

Going Postal

Q: What can Brown do for you ?

A: Gimme my darn iPad on Saturday !


Please upload the videos to Youtube.
Flash 10.1 is not out yet for the Nexus One and I just had to get off my couch and turn on my PC to watch this video. Thank you.

Jack wilson

A big yawn for me. I’ve got a feeling it will just give me the ten minute buzz that a lot of my toys do.


I’m quite uncaring about the iPad as well. But in exchange, I’m eagerly awaiting the HP EliteBook 2740p. There hasn’t been a single video/mention/anything about it since it was announced on March 1st and Slashgear and GBM Inkshow had a super basic intro video thing on it.

I’m hoping that James’ll get it soon and review it so I have some substantial info on it. ^_^


Tongue-in-cheek – yes. ROTFLMAO – not so much. I really don’t see what the big deal is, but anybody getting this emotional over a tech gadget needs to either take a reality check or get into therapy fast.

Are you sure you’re ok James? Have your doctor prescribe some alternative medication to alleviate the pain… ;)

Joshua Blankenship

So am I the only one who could care less about the iPad? Honestly, I’m more excited about the Evo coming up, or maybe the Large Hadron Collider. Really, I think the blogs are more excited about it than anyone I know personally. In fact, I don’t know any single one of my friends who are buying one. I’m excited to see what will become of the slate market in the next year, but the iPad just doesn’t get me going. Anyone else share this sentiment, or do I just need to check myself into the psycho ward?


Yep, it’s just you. Sorry. I personally know six people (and we all consider ourselves fairly normal) who ordered their iPads the minute Apple started pre-orders.

The Evo is interesting and will probably be my next phone, but for me it’s not revolutionary since most of the important features I already have on my Pre.

The iPad is a new form factor, for us at least, and we look forward to seeing if/how this changes our daily routines. Previous tablets were too heavy, or short on features (Kindle) so for us the iPad is very exciting.


Zay whaaa? how could you not be excited, this is the tablet that will kick start the industry for all of the tablets to come there after.

I liked the part when he zooms in and says “That… that’s something worth waiting for…” lol.


Ha. This I know, and I’m quite excited about slates in general. I love the idea. The iPad is what I see as a step in the right direction for the UMPC/slate. But, like the homo erectus, a little early in the evolutionary cycle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as much of a gadget enthusiat who jumps in the game very early, but I’m much more excited about slates in the Adam veign (if Notion Ink can keep the price right). Trust me, I wanted to like the iPad, I tried. I want a new gadget to play with. But the more thought I put into it, the more the iPad disappointed in the sense that I could find myself tiring of it too quickly.

Having said that, if the iPad base model was $300, I’d already have pre-ordered, since I think that’s what it’s worth the the kind of use I’d get out of it. And the more I hear about the Adam, the more I loose interst in the iPad. I like this new excitement for this class of devices. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Let the games begin!

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