Hulu May Test Subscription Service on iPad

We may finally have an answer to the gajillion dollar question (rounding up for inflation) that’s revolved around Hulu since the first rumors began last year: The ad-supported online video site may test plans for a subscription service with an in-development iPad application (s APPL), as stated in a New York Times article published today.

According to the Times, “people briefed on Hulu’s plan” sad that the site was set to create an app for the upcoming device, but could not say when it would be available. One anonymously quoted Hulu employee compared moving Hulu to other platforms a challenge on the level of passing the recent health care bill, theoretically because of the many powerful players involved, including NBC (s GE), Rupert Murdoch (s NWS), and Disney (s DIS). However, at DLD Conference in Munich earlier this year, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar said: “The computer in your pocket is very important. Mobile is a monster – we are very bullish. We will embrace any device.”

When polled last year, an overwhelming majority of NewTeeVee readers said firmly that they would not pay to use the site. But as Liz Gannes might say, we shouldn’t freak out over the possibility, as much of the content will probably remain available for free. Kilar even tells the Times that they are open to a subscription model that would complement the ad-based one.

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