Exclusive Event: Cloud Computing & Open Source

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As cloud computing hits its stride, one of the many questions being raised is to what degree the open source movement has enabled it in the enterprise. Looking forward, will global corporations actively fund the future growth of free and open-source software? Or will the computing market go back to business as usual, complete with proprietary software? It’s something we’ve looked at recently at our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro, and a topic we’re sure to see more of in the months to come.

In order to answer these questions and more, today we’re hosting our 9th Bunker Session here at GigaOM HQ in San Francisco. More than 60 thought leaders will gather to take part in a town hall discussion moderated by Bernard Golden, a GigaOM Pro member analyst and CEO of HyperStratus.

While a few speakers will lead the debate, the discussion is meant to include participation and comments by all those invited. Our conversation leaders will include:

  • Larry Augustin — CEO, SugarCRM CEO
  • Jim Zemlin — Executive Director, Linux Foundation
  • Shelton Shugar — SVP, Cloud Computing, Yahoo
  • Rich Wolski — CTO, Eucalyptus
  • Joe Tobolski — Partner, Accenture Technology Labs
  • Tom Hughes Croucher — Evangelist, Yahoo

The event itself is invite-only, but a live video stream and archive footage will be available exclusively at GigaOM Pro, starting at 9:30 a.m. PT. Simply go to our sign-up page and enter the coupon code BUNKER0310 to get 20 percent off of our already discounted, charter-year price of $79.

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