Hulu’s Revenue Kimono Opens: $100 Million Revenues in 2009; Profitable

Hulu, stung perhaps by some recent questions over its business model and the partial Viacom/Comedy Central retreat from the video service, is finally publicly disclosing some numbers on its revenues. Well, a number, and some other milestones. Late tonight from its PR, that it crossed $100 million in revenues for 2009, and will cross that number by mid this year. Also, it achieved net profitability in its last two quarters of Q42009 and Q12010, which considering how much cut it has to give to its JV/content partners (50 to 70 percent, according to estimates), is definitely an achievement.

This comes on the occasion of its second launch anniversary. And while it is now firmly the #2 video site, behind YouTube, questions about its relationship with JV and content partners (the Viacom (NYSE: VIA) spat as an example), how it sells the inventory vs the networks themselves, how it needs to increase the amount of advertising per show, how Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) — who will become a part owner when its gobbles up NBCU — will treat it, especially with its TV Everywhere strategy, and the eternal question about when Hulu will launch a premium subscription service, are increasingly coming up. Also, its own JV partner Fox recently launched a premium mobile video service before Hulu has launched its own service.

But it is finally building a mobile app, for the iPad, according to this NYT story, though no word on when it would launch or whether it would be a premium subscription service.