YouTube To Push Out Big Redesign With ‘Streamlined’ Video Pages — And More

Updated: The mantra for the major redesign YouTube is setting loose this afternoon: People just want to watch videos. Google (NSDQ: GOOG) representatives said during a press call this morning that when the company surveyed users about what features of the site they liked best, the most popular response was “other” — because none of the features beyond the site’s core function mattered to them. (One select write-in comment from a user Google shared: I LIKE WATCHING VIDEOS, F—- YOUR FANCY BULL —-).

So, the new design features a “cleaner, simpler” look for the video page with a focus on the clip itself. Other changes include a new commenting system that highlights top-rated comments, a “like/dislikes” rating system that replaces the previous five star system, and a new “next video to watch” sidebar that is “smarter.”

Google says that its tests showed a six percent increase in the number of videos watched, as well as a seven percent increase in “engagement,” which it defines as comments and ratings. Not bad when you consider the site gets more than a billion views a day. Now if YouTube only could get around to making money