Sponsor Post: Visualize World “Plays”

Are you getting the metrics you need to monetize your online video? Everyone talks about analytics, but what does that really mean, and how do they apply specifically to your business? Akamai is working with leading global broadcasters, publishers and music companies for whom gaining visibility into the performance and viewership of online media offerings is critical.

Akamai’s Media Analytics solution is intended to enable these companies to gain deep insight into their audiences –- what they are watching, for how long and from where — and therefore make smarter business decisions about programming while also better monetizing site properties. Customers can customize their reports with business parameters so they can look at more business-relevant data such as total hours of video viewed, number of unique visitors by program or channel, and even how that breaks down by geography.

“We can now get almost real-time insight into our broadcasts to track how our audience engages with our content. The personalized reports, in the language and context of our business, allow us to quickly report on the success of our broadcasts for our business, and to respond to the changing requirements of our global audience.” – BBC World Service

“We can provide clients with more customized data reports for each campaign in real-time for an instant snapshot of their performance.” – Pointroll

Find out more about Akamai Media Analytics at: http://tinyurl.com/ycjxhwq

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