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Chu on Blue-Sky Greentech: Asked what blue-sky technology he is most hopeful about, Energy Secretary Steven Chu cites photovoltaics and, “A new generation of biofuels that are direct substitutes for gasoline — so, better than ethanol — using agricultural waste: weed straw, rice straw, corn cobs, wood surplus.” — Washington Post

Kaiser Goes for Solar: “Kaiser Permanente, the biggest nonprofit health maintenance organization in the country, is going solar.” The company announced today with San Francisco solar company Recurrent Energy will “install solar power systems on 15 of Kaiser’s hospitals, offices and other facilities across California by the summer of 2011.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

Nine Arrested in Carbon Trading Probe: “Spanish police on Tuesday said they had arrested nine people on charges of avoiding 50 million euros ($67.54 million) in tax linked to trading in carbon credits.” — Reuters

Power Plant Permit Requirements Delayed: The EPA confirmed this week “that power plants, refineries and other businesses emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide won’t be required to file for emissions permits before January 2011, confirming a decision the agency signaled last month.” — Wall Street Journal

Fiat: MultiAir Destined for World Domination: Fiat says “its newest crowning achievement – the MultiAir induction technology – will make its way here to the States with the release of the Fiat 500 and the company believes that the technology will prove so valuable” that eventually all automakers will use it in their gasoline engines. — Autoblog Green

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