US Airways Adds Gogo Inflight Internet Access


US Airways (s lcc) has become the latest carrier to launch Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Internet service. The service is currently available on just five US Airways’ planes but will be fully deployed on all 51 A321s in its fleet by June 1.

In addition to US Airways, Gogo is currently available on all AirTran Airways (s aai) and Virgin America flights. It is also available on Air Canada, American Airlines (s amr), Delta Airlines (s dal) and United Airlines (s uaua) flights.

I’m also pretty sure that as the iPad (s aapl) launches and gains in popularity, we are only going to see further depreciation of the connection quality. Aircell recently raised $176 million in funding from an undisclosed group of investors.


Sanjay Maharaj

I relate this to the skyphone airlines installed on each seat, th eprice for using the phone was so high that it really did not lift off as well. I agree with you Om the price is too steep and people would perhaps order two rounds of drink for that price to relax them while airborne

Om Malik

Actually I am happy to pay for more speed and reliability of the connection rather than two rounds of drinks :-) Just don’t want to pay for nonsense connectivity.

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