Purchase Boingo Hourly Wi-Fi Access on iPad at Launch

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The first iPad owners are all going to be looking for Wi-Fi hotspots from day one due to the lack of integrated 3G. This is no different from most notebooks, and one of the biggest Wi-Fi providers has announced a new way to make purchasing hotspot access easier for iPad owners. Boingo is the provider that has access to over 125,000 hotspots world-wide, and they have launched a new app that allows iPad owners to purchase hourly access through an existing iTunes account.

Boingo has monthly subscriptions that allow unlimited access, but this new program allows those who only need access occasionally to grab it in one-hour chunks on the go. The chunks of access are sold in 60 minute chunks of consecutive access for $1.99, and are purchased through an existing iTunes account. The Boingo app works on the iPhone/ iPod Touch as well as the iPad, and notifies the user when a Boingo hotspot is available. Boingo hotspots cover many of the usual locations that people frequent — hotels, airports and Starbucks chief among them.

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