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Relative Trust: According to a Washington Post-ABC poll, “Democrats hold the widest trust advantage” compared to Republicans on energy policy (17 percent), followed by health care (13 percent), Afghanistan (10 percent) and the economy (8 percent). — Grist

Deodorant Guns? Check: Beijing plans to install 100 “deodorant guns” at a landfill site on the edge of the Beijing. “China could build a slew of incinerators to burn all that trash,” and the central government plans to “increase the incineration rate to 40 percent by 2015. But….trash incinerators have a nasty habit of emitting mercury and dioxins, which are linked to all sorts of health problems and can waft across the Pacific.” — TNR’s The Vine

Suntech Eyes Big Year in North America: Chinese solar manufacturer Suntech Power Holdings says it “could sell close to 200 megawatts of solar panels into the North American market in 2010….That would potentially give it close to 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. market.” — Greentech Media

Hybrid Luxury: “Ford Motor Co. will unveil a hybrid version of its Lincoln MKZ sedan Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show….It will be the first luxury hybrid offered by the Dearborn automaker.” — Detroit News

Tension of EPA Emission Authority Grows: “EPA this week is planning to issue the first national greenhouse gas standards for automobiles, a rule that will ultimately require the agency to regulate stationary sources’ emissions of the heat-trapping gases.” At least 25 state legislators in 17 states “have introduced measures aimed at blocking or limiting EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases.” — Greenwire via NYT

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What has relative trust between Dem’s and Rep’s have to do with this forum?

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