Apple Hiring Staff for New Data Center

Remember that data center Apple (s aapl) is building in North Carolina? You know the one; valued at $1 billion and widely expected to play a major part in Apple’s future cloud computing initiative?

Yeah, that one. Well, it’s nearly finished. At least, finished enough that Apple can start hiring key staff for the installation. reported on Friday that Apple has posted 10 new job listings for the data center in Maiden, NC;

The company seeks to hire site managers, coordinators, and service, mechanical and electric technicians. The listings seek people who have worked in large data centers with more than a thousand servers.

Here’s the complete list of job roles, just in case you fancy applying;

Data Center Site Services Technician (x2), Data Center Site Services ManagerData Center Site CoordinatorData Center Mechanical TechnicianData Center Electrical TechnicianData Center Maintenance Technician (x4)

Notice anything? That’s right, not one clue as to the primary purpose for Apple’s shiny new data center.


When plans for the data center were officially confirmed last summer, Gov. Beverly Perdue welcomed Apple to North Carolina and described the project as a “significant economic boost to local communities and the state.”

The data center is expected to create and sustain over 50 full-time positions, and it’s clear from this initial list of 10 that Apple is beginning to look for key first-wave personnel.

Did I mention how nobody knows what the data center is for? It’s not hard to guess that iTunes, MobileMe and will benefit from this major new installation, but that’s sheer conjecture. And this is Apple we’re talking about. Perhaps this is exactly what we think it is, and nothing more. Or maybe it’s the next major step forward for Apple in its new role as a mobile computing company?

Personally, I’m holding-out for the possibility that this is the site of Steve Jobs’ new (not so) Secret Lair, from where he will command his Empire from a throne chair with impractically-high armrests. You know, just like any respectable Imperious Leader would.

Image courtesy Universal Studios