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I was just in New York for a week of fun and learning. It was my chance to meet people outside the Silicon Valley hothouse and get their perspective on the world. Of course, it gave me a chance to read Michael Lewis’ new book, The Big Short. More importantly, the trip allowed me to not bother my team and allow them to peacefully launch new looks for our blogs, TheAppleBlog and Earth2Tech. Congratulations, folks!

These redesign is part of a network-wide overhaulNewTeeVee will soon get a facelift as well — meant to surface content from our various blogs for your reading pleasure. Speaking of reading recommendations, here are some of the best pieces worth your attention.

Cody Willard: Cars, PCs and transistors– how to trade off a repetitive history of industry cycles. Willard, one of my favorite stock gurus, makes an interesting link between the ever-shrinking number of car makers and PC companies.

Di-Ann Eisnor: Why the Future of Location-Based Advertising Looks Like Twitter. If you want to understand the challenges of the mobile advertising marketplace, look no further than this in-depth essay by the CEO of recently shuttered Platial.

Startup Company Lawyer: A comparison of various different series of seed financing documents, including those from popular startup schools such as Y Combinator and TechStars.

Social Media Kills the Database: A new web startup guy laments the relational database and how companies of his generation are looking to open source software such as Hbase and Hadoop to break the tyranny of the relational database. It is a remarkably coherent and easy-to-understand essay and worth reading.

Paul Kedrosky: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Financial Regulation.

4 Responses to “What You Should Read Today”

  1. Anthony

    Not sure where else I could post this, but one thing I am going to STOP reading today is GigaOm. The Ciena ads, particularly background ad, are completely obnoxious, and the background ad doesn’t even render correctly in Chrome: The right side is cut off.