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Weekend Video: Building a Tech Startup During a Recession

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Can you build a successful company in a downturn? The answer is yes, as this video illustrates. Digg CEO Jay Adelson, venture capitalists Tim Draper and Steve Jurvetson, both of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Skype backer Howard Hartenbaum and his August Capital colleague David Hornik and the legendary Bill Draper of Draper Richards weigh in on the topic in this video.

Photo of Startup 2.0 by ceslava via Flickr, under Creative Commons license.

6 Responses to “Weekend Video: Building a Tech Startup During a Recession”

  1. During a recession people and companies will try to do with less, throwing overboard what is not necessarily. Avoid all risks.

    At the end of the recession tunnel there is a decision point.
    People and companies will decide to take on new opportunities and need to take risks again in order to win.
    That’s where the decision point is.
    If your new solution is not on the market at that time you will miss the new expansion of the market.
    That’s why you need to start during the recession to be ready.

  2. I fully agree, there is no better time then now to start a new company, innovation is what is needed to turn the tide against this recession.Economic crisis are temporary but a great idea and building a great company is here forever