iPad Mania Ramps Up Into Full iPad Frenzy


The world has been firmly in the throes of iPad mania for weeks, rivaling that of any gadget in memory. The amount of ink pixels dedicated to the iPad is nothing short of astounding, and it’s sure to ratchet up this week as the mania transforms into a full frenzy. With the new Apple slate due to hit consumer’s hands in just a week, you can bet these last few days will be nothing short of frenetic.

Reports are indicating that Apple has sold all units produced for the April 3rd launch. Apple (s aapl) is not sharing actual numbers but guesses have indicated 300,000 all the way to a million units have been sold. These sales were all by way of online orders and reservations for pickup on April 3rd. I fall in the latter category, so I’ll be hitting the Apple store early Saturday morning to pick up my reserved iPad.

Customers ordering an iPad are now getting a ship date of April 12 from Apple, so it is unlikely you can stroll into an Apple store on April 3 and buy one without having reserved one already.

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There will be plenty of ipads on launch day. I can distinctly remember sauntering right into the Apple store and buying my iphone 2.0 with no reservations, no lines at all at the store and the clerk telling me they had plenty. Fast forward to the 3gs, there was a line which took about 10 minutes to filter to the front, where they told me even though I didn’t have a reservation they had plenty.

Fast forward to Saturday, there will be plenty. Although I’m waiting for the 3G version so it’s a moot point. It’s a shame such a primitive device will be the standard setter because of Apple’s genius marketing and their ability to snag all the content makers, smart company.


I could not have said that any better. Apple is the king of brand image and creating a need for a product that does not exist.


Interesting point….not sure if I missed this, or if there ever was official word – so, the 3G unit has GPS built in, and it will work without the 3G service being activated (i.e. standard GPS radio like a standalone GPS unit, without using any type of triangulation??)???


As I understand it, the 3G model (only the 3G model) has “assisted GPS” which means it gets a quick initial fix from the cell towers to help get oriented to the proper satellites, but then uses a GPS radio to get a real position. The Wi-Fi models seem to lack the GPS radio.

From the Apple Web site “iPad with Wi-Fi finds your location using known Wi-Fi hotspots, and Wi-Fi + 3G models use Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular towers.”

I have not read anything that explains whether you need an active 3G account to use the GPS. But my guess is that since it has a GPS radio it will work without a 3G account – maybe a little slower to the first fix without the 3G “assist.”


Two friends and I all had our credit cards charged for the iPads on Thursday afternoon, so they are getting ready to ship.

Here’s something interesting to ponder about iPad buyers. The three of us never agreed on phones: one Blackberry, one Pre, one iPhone. But all agree that the iPad is a perfect complement to our kit, and we all had to have one as soon as possible.


Well, lacking the GPS it’s kind of hard not to buy the 3G model even if you don’t get a broadband plan. I won’t drop any cash till there is a firm date on the 3G model.


Man….it’s going to be a tough few weeks of waiting for my 3G ordered unit! The solace will be in reading all of the great reviews (looking forward to yours James!), and can’t WAIT to see the apps start rolling out. Top of my wishlist – ink enabled iPad version of Evernote??


Any reserved iPads not picked up by 3pm on the 3rd will be available to those who walk in the store.

Plus you have no idea how many iPads Apple set aside for walk ins.

And you can still go to certain Best Buys and pick one up.

Jethro Bodine

I ordered four of those puppies (2 separate orders). Saturday will be a big unboxing day for us. iPad Block Party !

This will be the most disruptive technology released since….well…..the iPhone.

Game Changed.


Your a moron if you think Apple did not do this on purpose. How else are they going to get the lines of people at the store.


The frenzy hit in my neck of the corporate world this past Thursday. I now have people dropping by my desk to see the iPad and acting all confused when I tell them it hasn’t been released yet. Apparently they see so many hits in the blogosphere they figure it’s been released (and they know whom at work will have one on day zero).

The iPad is also a popular topic of discussion on the bus commute where it seems at least 10% of the commuters have one on order to use on the bus. It’s probably a good thing Seattle’s bus service shutdown their experiment with in-bus Wifi as it would likely have collapsed under the iPad load.

If the frenzy gets any worse I swear I’ll have to take my nitro pills to get through the day.


I also have reserved my iPad for pick up at the store. I’m sure there will be a line for those that reserved their iPad. Stores will open at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday so, hopefully it won’t be to bad of a wait to get my iPad. James you going to be there at 9:00 A.M. as well or just stroll in later in the day. :)

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