What is Your Favorite App, Marc Gingras

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At SXSW, I asked several attendees for their web working advice as well as their favorite web app so far this year — a new one, an old favorite, whatever they were using at the moment.

Here’s my video interview with Marc Gingras, CEO of Tungle.me, a scheduling service.

There are a few more video interviews from SXSW that we’ll be publishing next week to round out this year’s SXSW video interview series, so stay tuned.

What is your favorite web app so far this year?

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Kevin Tea

SugarSync has taken over my love affair with Dropbox which I had used for absolutely ages. The ability to link to files and folders anywhere on my PC and not just within a designated sync folder has provided the reason to jump ship and the pricing plan is more flexible.

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