Jersey Shore, As Narrated by Oprah = Genius


Current’s Infomania hit upon a winning combination last night: What if Oprah Winfrey (who’s the narrator of the Discovery Channel’s (s DISCA) maybe-sorta-ripoff-of-the-BBC’s-Earth series Life) took that same nature documentary approach to another nonfiction series that delved into a strange and previously unexplored culture: MTV’s (s VIAB)  Jersey Shore. The result is this:

And also this:

And if you’re looking for a reason to survive the weekend: rumor is that there’ll be more clips next week. Enjoy!

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You, know I usually look forward to reading this site, but this is probably the worst and most useless posting I’ve seen ever here. First, the boring content of the mash-up or Oprah and Jersey shore. But then as a TV writer to make a flat out incorrect reference to one of the most acclaimed documentary series’ of our time is unforgivable. I can expect stuff like this from Snooki herself, but from a compensated contributer to a blog I am embarrassed for you. I will let you figure it out for yourself, but here is a hint a producer of one series who makes another series usually is not ripping themselves off.

Liz Shannon Miller

I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this post, though I’ll say in my defense that while you’re right to call me out for the fact that the same production company is behind both projects (to the point of reusing footage from Earth for Life), that comment was clearly meant in a semi-joking fashion. Hopefully, though, you’ll keep reading us and future posts will not disappoint you so.


Liz, I appreciate your response and respect you for taking the criticism. I’m sorry, maybe it is me, but I still don’t see the humor. I will continue to read and enjoy the blog, but just with a more critical eye than I have in the past.

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