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Following Sabbatical, Google’s Fischer Defects To Facebook

David Fischer, who returned to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) after a three-month sabbatical in January to handle some of the search giant’s ancillary business, is now going to Facebook, AllThingsD reports, citing unidentified sources. Fischer, who served as Google

2 Responses to “Following Sabbatical, Google’s Fischer Defects To Facebook”

  1. Googlemyarrrse

    Google is a demon telling people to do no evil.
    Stealing users’ private information and store them permenantly claiming it’s goog for the users by knowing their behavior. Calling out the dictatorship in China while deprieve share holder rights by limiting voting power of their shareholders.
    Before Google screams at China to give freedom to their citizens, Google should return the voting power to shareholders — if they did, they wouldn’t commit such a naive act — giveup a huge market for nothing ( China is not going to change because of Google!)

    Yea right, Mr Spoongy Brin still remember his unforgettable experience at the age of 6! With the media keeps on praising him, the more he wanted to be a superhero challenging the evil Chinese empire. Forget about 6, I doubt he remembers anything from his 16 or even 26.

    More maybe Brin is just a genius who forever stays at 6 — Genius and naive!