First Look: New Times Pay-For Websites


Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming new The Times and Sunday Times websites, which will relaunch in May and will be paid-only from June. Click for detail. See full story.


Upright Citizen

Ah that designation as “consumers who actually buy things” as desirable normative status. If only I could purchase that one last item being targeted to me, I could achieve my place as rightful citizen in the world, full of pride that my shiny new covetous object is safely within my grasp. No longer will my peers laugh at me or treat me as a dullard, for I am a consumer just like them, full of verve and zest derived from my pleasure at purchasing something, and belonging to a community full of upright citizens in our modern society. I awake each morn safe and secure, and declare proudly to the world “I buy things.”

Colin Shek

Robert, where’s the advertising you’re referring to?


This has been on the cards for some time. I’m curious to see if they go through with the threat to exclude search engines from getting the content – go on I double dare you…

my twopennyworth David Gregory

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