New Skin: TheAppleBlog Redesigns


It’s been many months in the making, but this evening we launched an entire overhaul of TheAppleBlog’s design. This redesign is part of an overhaul of the entire GigaOM network that started back in November.

TheAppleBlog joined GigaOM back in September 2008 but for the past 18 months we kept our pre-GigaOm design. This was the last step in fully integrating TheAppleBlog as part of the GigaOM family.

The new design helps us do a better job of featuring new content as well as letting you explore popular topics a lot more easily. In addition, we’ll be able to feature relevant content from around our network more easily.

At the end of the day, this redesign is about surfacing content for you and helping you interact with our little community more. There are a lot of intricacies and small features spread out around the site, so be sure to dig around. It’s definitely a dynamic new site with lots of extras that aren’t necessarily immediately obvious.

So have a look around and let us know what you think!



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The new design is kinda OK (not more). The new logo is refreshing, I really like it. But the part of the header below the “News, reviews, walkthroughs, and real-life application of Apple products” line feels a little cluttered. I also fail to see how the fancy dropdown menus or the large fading brick thing is going to enhance visitor experience. On top of that, the new look isn’t as compact as the old one and wastes lots screen space – not Mac at all.

joseph McLaughlin

I like this a lot,but I use the “Top Sites” feature in safari and I like to see what the newest news is before opening the page


With regard to the RSS comment:
I have no hard data to back it up, but I’m guessing that RSS is a niche method of using the Web anymore. It’s information overload. People on Facebook and Twitter link to WEB SITES, not RSS feeds. And I for one like “pretty pictures” to break-up the wealth of text on Web sites. I don’t even bother blocking ads on most sites anymore.

As to the comment form at the top:
I agree with Victor, in that I tend to like to read through the comments before actually using the comment form. I understand that putting it up top encourages people to post comments. But I suspect that anyone who is going to comment will gladly scroll to the bottom anyway.

As for the site design itself:
For the most part, I love it. I would prefer a little more descriptive text in the summary displayed on the home page for each article, but it’s not that big a deal. I would also prefer a different ad size in the content area. Those huge 250 pixel block ads are incredibly annoying, and basically is forcing me to use an ad blocker on this site now. That’s just a personal thing – I just hate that ad-size.

I don’t mind them in the sidebar, where they “fit” better – and I wouldn’t mind horizontal ads in the main flow of the home page content area – but the bulky square ones just look out of place and completely disrupt the flow of content.

Overall, a very nice re-design!

And since nobody else has posted it yet, let me be the first idiot who says: “Bookmark removed!” as though your world will stop turning because of one less bookmark.


beautiful, comments should be on the bottom though… other than that it’s fantastic!


Yup. Although I suppose it’s more of a kneejerk reaction thing. Just my personal preference to scroll through the comments before commenting myself. I guess it’s just as likely that people like it the way it is now.

Rick Doyal

Thumbs up! Nice — looks like spring cleaning arrived right on schedule.

RE: Other Comments

  • Logo is perfect size.
  • Disregard Microsux comparison. Troll quote.
  • What is RSS? lol
Rick Doyal

Woohoo! I just noticed that …

  • Hyphens (-)
  • Turn
  • Lists
  • Into Bullets!
  • Awesomeness!

The new skin is a nice idea , but more entries, more often and More articles would be even better


Same comment I’ve made at the other sites in the group.

The redesign is attractive and effective – except for losing an easy click through to the other sites. At best, I find a click through to whatever post at the other sites that’s set as a sticky. Then, click on that header to get to the up-to-date page.

That up-to-date page still has the sticky; so, I see no need for the plan.


Not so enamored. I liked the old simple and clean layout, where as now there is too much information bombarding the visitor! – It doesn’t make me think of Apple, but Microsoft. Sorry.

Josh Pigford

Sorry to hear that Howie. What aspects of the new design are you not caring for? And what about the old version do you like better?


I love it! Very clean.
Two things: The old typography of the Title way way better. Why Futura? And: Unfortunately the logo is way smaller than before – it’s very nice, why so small?


No style sheet loading here, so it looks a bit naff. ;-)


Very nice. Clean, perfectly readable, great line height. It will be a pleasure to visit. I stopped following you through RSS reader a month ago and was visiting the site daily — this will make all the more worthwhile.


Whatever man, it’s a blog. The majority of your visitors use readers so will never see your pretty updates.


i can read the blog in my reader as well but i almost always choose to visit.

great job guys, it looks great and you’ve given me another reason to visit the blog directly!

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