Google Mobile, But Not the Web, Storms the BlackBerry

Have a BlackBerry Storm or Storm2? Here’s a forecast for you — Google Mobile makes an appearance today and is yours for the taking. The software finally arrives on Research In Motion’s (s rimm) touchscreen phones as a free download from Google’s (s goog) mobile website: With it, Storm owners can search the web, contacts or emails by voice, which is often far quicker than using a software keyboard. I typically use voice search over a typed query on my touchscreen Nexus One for this very reason. Voice search on the Storms support three languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

Even with helpful software like Google’s new app, I don’t think BlackBerry will make a dent in the top-used devices as measured by some. Take, for instance, the most recent AdMob report that Om noted today at GigaOm. This quote is telling: “Between iPhone and the Android, I wonder if anyone else has a chance to even become a player on the mobile web.” A bold statement, yes, but it’s backed up by the data.

One BlackBerry device was in the top ten as measured by web requests on AdMob’s network of 15,000 mobile websites — the 8830 was barely above the Palm Pre (s palm). Granted, the data is based the AdMob platform, which likely has a far higher number of data points for iPhone and Android devices, and not BlackBerry units. But for all of the market share gains RIM has shown — see the trend in our recent infographic — the handsets don’t seem to be a driving force for the mobile web; Or at least not as much as other platforms are. Perhaps a new browser will change that?