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Carry OneNote Workbooks on the iPhone — MobileNoter

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We all know there’s an app for that, no matter what “that” happens to be. That’s the party line from Apple (s aapl) anyway, and for the most part it’s true. Heavy users of Microsoft’s (s msft) OneNote have been left out in the cold unless they also use a Windows Mobile phone, as the iPhone has been void of any good way to access OneNote workbooks. That’s no longer the case with an iPhone app that syncs OneNote notebooks on a PC to the iPhone for reference on the run. MobileNoter is a simple note-taking app that can display any note page in OneNote on the iPhone.

There are two versions of MobileNoter for the iPhone, a cloud version that syncs OneNote to a server and a Wi-Fi version that syncs to any Windows PC directly. I have been testing the Wi-Fi version and while it is a bare bones note taking app it handles my OneNote workbooks quite nicely.

MobileNoter consists of two programs, the iPhone app and the Windows app that runs as a note server. Once installed just tag which OneNote workbooks you want to have available for reference on the iPhone and off you go. Once a sync has been performed on the iPhone side, and this runs quickly over Wi-Fi, all of the OneNote workbooks and note pages are available to view. You cannot edit them on the iPhone within MobileNoter, but they are viewable.

The app does a great job presenting big OneNote pages on the small screen of the iPhone. Tables and complex notes display perfectly, and most importantly to me ink notes look fantastic. Have a look at the screen image included of an ink note in MobileNoter, and you’ll appreciate how well it presents OneNote pages. It’s important to remember that the ink note page displayed was originally a full screen (12-inch) OneNote page.

MobileNoter has basic text note taking capability on the iPhone side. These notes are called Quick Notes and they sync with OneNote back on the Windows PC. It’s a convenient way to get simple notes taken on the fly back to OneNote. The developer has indicated the next version of MobileNoter will allow capturing photos with the iPhone, along with audio recordings to sync back to OneNote. There is also an iPad version in the works, which would be very nice.

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4 Responses to “Carry OneNote Workbooks on the iPhone — MobileNoter”

    • Purchased it a few weeks ago and I like it for the portability of my notes. The cloud sync has been reliable.
      I’m using everyday in some form-mostly to have my notes on me when I need them.

      The Very Good.
      1. Have my workbooks everywhere I go.
      2. Adding images of documents and audio recordings to pages with my iPhone.

      The Mediocre
      1. The text interface and freehand interface.
      My work-around is to write notes on a regular pad of paper and then snap a image of what I wrote.

      I would purchase it again.