Open Thread: Which Office Chair to Buy?


I’m finally getting around to setting up the office in my new house. While I’m still really pleased with my old IKEA Jerker desk, the stool that I bought to go with it at the time has no back support and isn’t really suitable for anything more than occasional use. So I’m currently looking to buy a new office chair, but because there are so many available I’m finding the choice a little bewildering. As I’ve had back problems in the past I’d like to get a chair that is both comfortable and ergonomic. I have a few options on my shortlist, but I was wondering if the WebWorkerDaily readers had any suggestions or tips?

Lindo Fully Adjustable

This chair is fully adjustable, including the lumbar support, but at £170 ($250) it’s also quite expensive. It has great Amazon reviews, but is it worth the price?

Ryman High Back Mesh Chair

Doesn’t look to be as adjustable as the Lindo chair. Nor does it have stellar Amazon reviews, but it costs much less — £60.

Lincoln Black Leather Office Chair

I quite like the idea of a leather chair, and this one is adjustable and reasonably priced at £90, but I’m not sure that they’re all that practical compared to mesh chairs.

IKEA Jerrik Chair

The most expensive chair on my list at £230. Adjustable, with lumbar support. I’m going to go test out this chair at the IKEA store this weekend.

A Fit Ball

One of my colleagues in Australia used to sit on a fit ball at work which, apparently, helped with his back problems. Have you tried replacing your office chair with a fit ball? How long did it take to get used to it, and did it help to alleviate back problems?

That’s my current shortlist. Any other suggestions that I should be looking at?


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