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First Look: Sky Player On Fetch TV Boxes

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We reported back in October that BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) would follow its Xbox carriage deal by taking its live and VOD TV on to the Fetch TV-badged IPTV boxes made by IP Vision.

Now here’s the first grab from the app IP Vision is beta testing and which it says will be rolled out within two months…

Little-known Fetch TV is hardly major-league distribution for Sky’s channels. But Sky is unable to do true pull-VOD on its main satellite Sky+ HD box until it begins offering download via their Ethernet ports later this year. So Fetch, Xbox, Windows Media Centre, the web-based Sky Player and smartphone apps are each part of a multi-pronged approach.

The Sky channels Fetch viewers can get with mirror those available in satellite customers’ bouquets, but Fetch customers can subscribe on contracts with just a one-month minimum term. That’s a significant experiment in opening up for Sky.

This all points the way Sky is going – long favouring its own satellite distribution gateway over others, it’s now tentatively embracing platforms like Freeview, channels from which Fetch TV delivers over an integrated DTT chip. Sky <a href="The most realistic assumptions are that Sky

2 Responses to “First Look: Sky Player On Fetch TV Boxes”

  1. Radio and Telly Forum Netgem/Fetch TV and Freeview discussions:

    Search for Fetch TV Smartboxes eg the 7000 set top box and the 8000 set top box available from the Shop on the Fetch TV website:

    March/April 2010 update: The John Lewis website recently reduced the 8000 160 GB Freeview set top box to £180 plus £49 for a 3-year warranty.

    Fetch TV’s website has a Support section for Troubleshooting tips and FAQs. The Helpline is 0871 402 2192.

    The Yahoo Group for Fetch TV as well as the Netgem IPlayers products is here:

    The Radio and Telly Forum helps with Freeview retuning and user manuals are available from the Fetch TV website…

    Fetch TV Smartboxes have HDMI upscaling and can play HD content from the Fetch TV service via the ethernet Broadband connection. While Freeview recordings are stored on the hard drive, you can export recordings to USB pen drives, yet it’s easier to export to a pre-formatted USB external hard drive eg the Freecom XS 1 TB hard drive from for about £80…

    The updated Freeview HD set top box is going to be available soon. Freeview is to introduce special HD quality channels, yet at the moment, the Smartboxes upscale standard quality similar to a gold scart cable picture quality. The Smartboxes have been sold by Ideal World and bid tv and price-drop tv and speedauction tv. The software upgrades added the BBC iPlayer and other Catchup TV options via the Fetch TV service, eg press the * STAR button on the remote control for Fetch TV or shortcut 222 for the BBC iPlayer programmes…