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AT&T Solves 3G Coverage Gaps One House At A Time

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Frustrated iPhone users, who can’t access the AT&T (NYSE: T) network reliably from home, look no further: AT&T has announced a “microcell,” which allows you to use your home broadband connection to create a mini cell site right in your house.

AT&T’s network problems have been well-documented as the iPhone and other smartphones have maxed out the company’s capacity. Now, it’s providing some relief — without having to fix every single gap in the country itself — by selling a 3G MicroCell. It will start rolling out in mid-April, and will be available for $150.

The microcell will allow access to up to 10 approved phone lines. It’s free on a monthly basis, but for $20 a month, users can get unlimited voice minutes when in the home. If users opt for the monthly unlimited plan, they can receive a $100 mail-in-rebate for the device. Additionally, if customers sign up for AT&T’s broadband service (DSL or U-verse), they are eligible for a $50 mail-in-rebate.

3 Responses to “AT&T Solves 3G Coverage Gaps One House At A Time”

  1. contentnext

    I’m pretty sure voluntarily purchasing and then installing a router to use your internet as a cell relay is pretty far removed from AT&T breaking into your house and stealing your internet.

  2. So, AT&T is essentially stealing your internet service (illegal) and reselling it back to you after you have already paid your cable company for it? If this is the case we could all start our own phone companies. Try just jumping on your neighbors network and getting caught and see how much you would get fined. Instead of getting fined, they actually get to sell you back the very thing they stole from you to begin with. How is this even remotely legal?

  3. That’s great if AT&T had broadband into every iPhone users homes. + Device should be free for iPhone users with network issues, I had a add a home line just to be able to receive calls at home…