Viliv S10 Blade on Video


[wpvideo QPuX2CHQ w=600]

The Viliv S10 Blade is a thin convertible netbook that redefines the term “sleek.” You’ll know what I mean once you view the video of the little tablet. Combining a multitouch swivel screen with augmented netbook components, Viliv has produced the smallest 10-inch netbook with a full keyboard. The 2 GHz Intel Atom (s intc) processor coupled with the Solid State Disk drive provides decent performance.

This video walk around the S10 Blade demonstrates all of the special features crammed in the thin form. I also demonstrate hi-res Hulu video playback — don’t miss the easy battery replacement.

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Jesse B Andersen

Loved your video. I have a Lenovo S10-3T and it’s not as slim as the Viliv S10. The only problem I have with the Viliv S10 is the price. I’t spretty darn high but the Viliv S10 is a completely optional system. Can’t wait for the next generation of convertibles netbooks/netvertibles.


I am interested in the 2ghz version + 64gb ssd, but the introductory price at Dynamism is over $1K. This includes a free Second Battery ($110 value) and a $70 Instant Rebate. I have a hard time paying more than $1k for an Atom netbook. It does look nice from JK’s video.


Animation tends to play better than “regular” tv on hulu. How well do regular shows play back?



Sleek and wonderful. Thanks so much for the update I’m torn right now between this and the Apple iPad as my primary take anywhere device. I’ve had a pure slate before, the Electrovaya, but it was too heavy for extended use and there were too many times I wanted the keyboard attached. Looking forward to more insight into the Viliv S10 and the iPad. Thanks James.

borax99 (AlainC.)

Sexy yes, but I’m not convinced. I’m increasingly leaning towards the X70EX for a good mix of portability & features.

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