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Sponsor Post: Add iPhone Streaming to Your Live Event for 2010 in 2010

With millions of iPhone devices capable of receiving live event streams, including iPhone streaming over the Akamai HD Network should be part of every content provider’s live event strategy.

Akamai and its partners, iStreamPlanet and Origin Digital, are offering an end-to-end solution that will allow you to add iPhone streaming to any live event, but only until May 31st, 2010, so don’t wait! Learn more about this offer here:

The Akamai HD Network is the industry’s first solution aimed at delivering the highest-quality mobile video experiences at broadcast audience-scale to the iPhone and iPod touch. Its adaptive bitrate streaming capabilities ensure your customers get a TV-like viewing experience with any Wi-Fi or mobile 3G connection. Additional benefits of the Akamai HD network include:

  • True DVR capabilities
  • Live HTTP streaming
  • Fully adaptive streaming over multiple bit rates for a buffer-free experience and faster start-up times
  • Massively scalable delivery architecture