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Paula Deen and EQAL Seek ‘Real Women’ For Kraft Contest

Paula Deen fans take note — the domestic goddess with an EQAL-run umbrella site wants to give you a taste of the limelight. Partnering with co-sponsor Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Deen’s site is running an online audition in search of on-camera cooks with recipes involving the product-placed creamy spread, asking women to submit recipe videos.

16 finalists — four from each category of recipe: appetizer, side dish, entree or dessert — will be selected to compete in a live cookoff in Savannah, Geo., with the final four winners receiving $25,000 each, as well as a chance to host their own weekly online cooking show. That’s a total of $100,000 in prize money, which is not bad for an online video contest.

Targeting a video contest to an audience that one might not necessarily assume is skilled when it comes to making video could be a misstep, but the Paula Deen site has assembled some helpful videos offering advice on everything from editing to plating food to getting your hair did. Not to mention the fact that Paula and EQAL’s Greg Goodfried teamed up for this video explaining the contest.

This is just one of the branded projects EQAL has taken on since redirecting its focus away from scripted programming less than a year ago: from helping to create a transmedia serial killer narrative to giving Top Chef contestants a space of their own. Exactly how profitable has EQAL’s move away from scripted content to helping brands excel online been?

Via email, Goodfried says that working with Deen, as well as helping to create Alicia Silverstone’s community The Kind Life, has been “fantastic.” “Traffic on sites are increasing month over month and both properties are profitable financially for us,” he said. “The partners are thrilled with our ability to help them build their brand and power their community online.”

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7 Responses to “Paula Deen and EQAL Seek ‘Real Women’ For Kraft Contest”

  1. I have been trying for seven days to submit a recipe and cannot get it to go through. It was an appetizer called Philadelphia Cream Cheese Square’s by Deniese Meinke. I have worked really hard on this recipe and has taking up alot of my time trying to get it submited and cannot. Please if you have a reply comment or another way to get you my recipe please e-mail,contact by phone at (281)689-2060,or by mail at 1310 FM 2090 East Splendora TX, 77372. Thanks so much.
    Deniese Meinke

  2. susan bosak

    I don’t have a video camera for making a video, but have a recipe for the kraft contest. I sent it to you previosly but don’t know if it was received. My grandson who is 9 yr. old likes his fruit but doesn’t eat all of it. I slice off the good portions and dice them and mix them into fresh made jello{any flavor}. Instead of cold water, I use the equivalent of strawberry cream cheese mixed into the jello while hot. This makes a great side salad to a meal.
    Thank you.