MobileNoter: OneNote for the iPhone?


Microsoft OneNote (s msft) remains one of the best note-taking solutions around. It allows taking notes consisting of text, ink, images, links and more. What makes OneNote so powerful is the sophisticated search capability that makes it easy to find any nugget of information in an instant. About the only downside to OneNote is its incompatibility with mobile devices outside the Windows Mobile domain. That’s where MobileNoter for the iPhone comes in — it’s a simple note-taking app for the iPhone that syncs with OneNote on the desktop. Now it’s possible to take notes on the iPhone and have them appear in OneNote back home. Select OneNote notebooks can be synced to the iPhone for reference on the go.

MobileNoter has two different editions, and which one is right for you depends on how you want to use it. There is a Cloud version which syncs your notes to the cloud. This version has a monthly subscription fee. The Wi-Fi version syncs notes between a Windows PC and the iPhone locally. Since OneNote notebooks can be quite large, users select which ones to bring over to the iPhone.

The program is in its early stages and is somewhat limited. Notes taken on the iPhone are limited to text only, but the developers are working on the ability to add audio recordings, pictures and outlines in the next version. OneNote notes can only be viewed on the iPhone; they are read only by design. The pages look “99% the same” on the phone as they do in OneNote.

I have not used MobileNoter, but I intend to give it a try. I am excited about two versions the developers indicated they are currently working on — an Android (s goog) version and an iPad (s aapl) version. The iPad version could be a very productive tool for OneNote users.

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Josh Grossman

Hi James,

Josh from Springpad here. Just wanted to let you know that the new Springpad iPhone app also lets you create notes that sync with your online account to help you save anything you want to remember (both the app and the online service are free, at The iPhone app also lets you save products you like with a barcode scanner, businesses and restaurants with the geo-locater, and any pictures you’d like to add to your account.


The folks at MobileNoter are promising terrific updates that mean you won’t have choose between two versions of the software, and it will have fewer limitations. OneNote is still my main note taking, research gathering tool, and having this on my Touch cool, though it certainly doesn’t replace a tablet or UMPC.


I’ve been using Mobile Noter for a couple of months. It’s been good to use, it’s not crashed even a single time, and I have selected OneNote info with me on my iPhone. I use the WiFi version to sync, and I’ve had nary a problem. Too bad that Microsoft let OneNote languish for so long.

Dave, though, is right about Evernote. I find that I turn to this app more and more, especially since I can e-mail my browser finds to myself and they automagically appear on all of my different systems. Or I can use the Evernote toolbar icon in Safari to add pages directly into Evernote. I found that I was hitting the 50M limit of Evernote, so opted for the yearly subscription and 500M of traffic.

Since I now have a MacBook Pro 13 and hence don’t use my tablet PC the way I used to, I find I use OneNote less (I used it precisely because of the excellent inking capabilities). I’ve also found that it’s not been hard at all to start getting my OneNote stuff into Evernote…..

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