Generate’s Pink To Go International With Fireworks

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Nails-tough lady assassin Natalie is going global, as the Streamy-winning series Pink today announced a distribution deal with Fireworks International for international distribution.

Pink is not the first series to make a deal of this type over the last few months: Fireworks acquired Canadian steampunk series Riese for international distribution, and long-running sitcom Break A Leg was licensed by Fox Italy.

But unlike Break a Leg, the Pink deal applies to all international territories, and Pink‘s past three seasons will remain available on its past distribution channels — unlike Riese, which was taken offline as part of its Fireworks deal.

According to a Generate spokesperson via email, the reason the show will remain available online is that “Generate and Fireworks agreed since Pink had three seasons online already and was still getting new viewers, it should remain available where people were watching it most in the U.S.”

However, the episodes will be geoblocked on YouTube, Hulu, and its other channels, making the show only available to domestic audiences. The YouTube audience for Pink, prior to today, broke down geographically as 38 percent European (led by Germany), 28 percent American (led by California and Texas), 9 percent Asian, 7 percent South American (led by Brazil) and 6 percent Middle Eastern (led by Saudi Arabia).

There were no specifics given today on where Pink will first travel as part of the Fireworks deal. But per a statement from Fireworks Executive Vice-President Jonathan Ford, “Generate [which owns and produces Pink] has delivered us a series with great cinematic production values, a unique voice and fine performances, making it a strong international property that will translate well across borders and multiple platforms.”

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