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Freezerburns Heats Up the Frozen Food Industry

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[show=freezerburnsshow size=large]The host of Freezerburns, Gregory Ng, has no culinary skills — he’s a creative director for a Raleigh, N.C., marketing agency and a father of three. But that hasn’t stopped the packaged meat enthusiast from creating the web’s most prominent video series focusing on the world of frozen food.

Distributed through Blip, YouTube and other sites, Freezerburns, which comes up second in Google results when you search for “frozen food reviews,” has a solid history of comparing and contrasting the varied occupants of the freezer section at your grocery store. Taking the dual role of food critic and guinea pig, Ng manages to self-produce exceptionally thorough reviews of Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine and other sub-zero meals that also manage to be quite entertaining.

A lot of that is due to Ng himself, whose skills as an on-camera host have only gotten better since he began the show in 2008. He addresses the audience in a familiar and conversational manner, holding the day’s featured food up to the camera like a kid hoping you’ll be as excited as he is by the color and shape of a meatball sub or salisbury steak. But despite a certain homegrown feel to his videos, the production values are strong and his site is beautifully designed, including options to search his reviews by rating, meal type or cooking method. (My one suggestion for improvement might be that he center himself a little more in the frame.)

At SXSW this year, Ng spoke eloquently about how he’s conquered the online video frozen food review genre, including the revelation that he nearly opted to do a show about breakfast cereal before deciding that there might not be enough material there. But key to his discussion of building up the show’s brand was his relationship with the frozen food companies he reviews, which he is careful to keep free of bias (while he does accept samples from the companies, he does not accept sponsorship deals from them).

A running theme appears to be that Ng literally has a big mouth, capable of consuming alarmingly large amounts of food in one bite. One interesting element of his reviews is that he is oftentimes making snap judgments on these dishes, formulating opinions mere moments after taking his first bite. But after two years and hundreds of frozen meals, you can’t doubt his expertise.

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