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Modeling Climate Change at the City Level: The “massive grid cells favored by climate models run on today’s supercomputers as useful as they could be for planning purposes, given that they can encompass 10,000 square kilometers.” But now the U.S. government is launching a $50 million effort to develop new “computer models aimed at revealing the anticipated effects of climate change at the regional level.” — Scientific American

How Much Will Coal Interests Influence the Climate Bill?: “Just as the insurance companies — and to a lesser extent, the pharmaceutical industry — were powerfully positioned to first influence the writing of the legislation and then to attempt to block health care reform, the coal industry and other polluters are in the same spot when it comes to a climate and energy bill.” — SolveClimate

Tribes Key for Green Energy Buildout: A new report from the National Wildlife Federation finds,”Tribal lands make up almost 5 percent of the United States and hold around 10 percent of the country’s renewable energy resources.” — Associated Press

Valero CEO: CO2 Regulations Would Freeze Investment: “The U.S. refining industry will freeze investment in anything beyond maintaining operations if the Environmental Protection Agency moves to regulate carbon pollution,” according to the CEO of Valero Energy Corp (s VLO). — Reuters

Hybrids vs. Pricey Small Cars: “Producers of upscale small cars such as the Volkswagen Golf, Mazda3 and Volvo C30 face stiff competition from hybrid vehicles for reasons unrelated to fuel mileage. Upscale cars are priced at the top end of their individual segment….The buyer expects others to notice that their vehicle is more than just basic transportation.” — Autoblog Green

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