Motricity Plays Catch-Up: Rolls Out App Stores For Carriers


At CTIA last year, Motricity’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Jim Ryan grabbed headlines when he said, “Shame on us…My hope is that the mobile internet does not go down the path of re-creating the internet.”

Unlike with the internet, he believes users should pay for content and services they access on mobile devices



Looks like the troll commenter bashers are alive and well and unable to offer a substantive explanation of why the Motricity IPO isn’t a sham.

Shut up trolls

Sounds like the troll commenters are alive and well.


Sorry Motricity, the train left the station 2 years ago and you weren’t on it. The market has shifted and your business model no longer fits into the equation:

1. With prices dropping on smartphones, they will, over time, become the standard devices in the market. This is especially true when it comes to the purchase of apps. Oh, and they all have there own platforms.
2. Developers will not produce apps to run on all platforms. They will follow the money which right now means iPhone (with maybe Android a distant second)
3. Developers are tired of the dictatorial stance of the carriers who make it too hard and too unprofitable to run apps through their platforms. Apple changed the landscape for them and the carriers have been too late to respond.
4. There are >38 platforms currently in play which is about 35 too many. Your platform is just another that has marginal value to the end user and will be greeted by a big echo chamber.
5. Everything I read is about how your platform will benefit the carrier. If there’s not a compelling reason for the developers to participate than you are dead in the water. BTW, what’s the rev share for the developers?
6. If this is some sort of ploy to entice Wall Street about your impending IPO, you’d better hope that PT Barnum was correct.


another day, another strategy

These guys are UN-BE-LIEVABLE! Why doesn’t Uncle Carl just take them out back and put them out of their misery? When are they going to announce that they’re pulling the IPO because not even the folks dumb enough to invest in Madoff and Stanford are dumb enough for this scam?

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