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Blockbuster To Get New Warner Bros DVDs Four Weeks Before Netflix/Redbox

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This surely isn’t the four weeks of Advent, but nevermind, at least Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) gets some breathing space it desperately needs. It has a new windowing deal with Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) where DVDs and Blu-rays will be available to the customers four weeks before they get released on “either kiosk or other subscription services” (read: Redbox and Netflix). These BB rentals will start same day as DVD sale release, with The Blind Side the first one, available today in BB stores and by-mail. The digital agreement already in place remains unchanged, it said. Details in release.

Here’s BB CEO James Keyes in an interview on this deal with Bloomberg:

6 Responses to “Blockbuster To Get New Warner Bros DVDs Four Weeks Before Netflix/Redbox”

  1. I just spent several minutes trying to find The Blind Side at a nearby Redbox and stumbled upon this article. I was hoping to see this movie tonight, but will wait until April 20 to get it at Redbox. Screw Blockbuster – they’ve been sticking it to the consumers at $3-$4 a pop for 20 years.

  2. Oh, please, BLOCKBUSTER failed over the past few years to be an innovative player in this space — this is the last death rattle sounding.

    Cut them off. Give DVDs to BLOCKBUSTER 4-weeks AFTER they’ve gone to Kiosks or online.

    Send them a Holiday card at their retirement home each year.

    Consumers will (and it’s been proven) NOT wait and they will not pay $5 bucks a pop for something they know has a value of $1 a pop.

    BLOCKBUSTER could have been a continuing player in this space. Instead, they are headed for the deadpool, slowly…please, someone, throw them a concrete block…

  3. The Consumer

    I guess this is what companies do when they can’t win by playing fair. It’s okay though, I’ll wait the extra 4 weeks to get them from Redbox and I’ll be just fine.